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Signature Rules

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1 Signature Rules on Wed Jan 22, 2014 3:25 pm

Signature Rules

Please abide by the signature rules as stated below. This is not to spoil your fun, though to help users who may be on a slower connection. If you notice, our signature guidelines are quite a bit bigger than most forums!

You can have any amount of text as long as it does not exceed 5 lines in total

With regards to images within your signature, please stick by these measurements:

The total width of images must not exceed 450
The total height of images must not exceed 350

If you have 2 images - one at 125 and another at 125 this is allowed as it does not exceed the maximum.

If you signature is found to exceed these measurements, you will first receive a warning message from the Staff telling you to change it.
If you won't change it after we have warned you, your signature will be deleted.

here's an example:

" />

Thank you!

Any questions please feel free to pm the staff!

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