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Definition of Terms and Forum Etiquette

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1 Definition of Terms and Forum Etiquette on Wed Jan 22, 2014 3:18 pm

Definition of Terms

What is an AVATAR?
A digital representation of a user in a virtual reality site.
It can be viewed below the SAMster's username.
The size should be 75x75 pixels only.

(appears below the SAMster's post)

Posting bleak/nonsense/off-topic messages. Remember, it's a lot better to have a small number of sensible posts than a large number of meaningless posts. Posting "This is Spam" or "Spammer ka ha" is not the way to fight back against flooding. Please use the "Report to Moderator" option to report inappropriate posts.

Double Posting
You posted the same message twice in a row. Hindi mo napansin,2 na pala messages mo.
As in, right after yung pinost mo na message, nandun yung pangalawa mong post na yun pareho nakasulat. Sometimes by accident nangyayari yun, kasi twice nac-click yung "submit post" button. View that certain topic,the delete it right away.

You posted more than two messages intentionally.

Flaming Fights
Publicly insulting/humiliating/hurting someone verbally. Posting topics like "The Anti-*insert member name here* Club" and mga threads na nagpaparinig sa isang SAMster. Any arguments should be settled in private, through e-mail or PM.

Forum Etiquette

Respect Others
It can mean many things, but here at SCCForum respect means not insulting, attacking or
harassing other members. If your message violates this rule, it will not be posted.

No Abusive Language
Please self-censure and write your thoughts in a respectful way.

Don't Reveal too much Personal Information
Never reveal too much personal information in chat groups or forums! This includes your real name, where you live(what street), etc.

Please don't Flood/Spam
Don't make a post unless you have something relevant to add to the discussion. Make sure that you post your thoughts in the proper place (for example, don't post about a Love Problem on the Friendship board), and don't post the same thread on multiple boards. RANK UP WITH DIGNITY.

Don't type in ALL CAPS or StIcKy CaPs
Typing in all caps/sticky caps is the same as shouting, so keep it gentle unless you're really excited about something. Please avoid StICkY cAps! It's so hard to read sticky caps and people find it too pa-cute or childish.

That's all folks. Hope you cooperate with us

Happy Chatting!!!  Smile  Very Happy 

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